Terran Center for Environment And Natural Resources Foundation​

Terran Center For Environment And Natural Resources Foundation Incepted with an Aim & Objective to serve for the Environmental Sustainability,Circular Economy,dedicated goals to conserve Natural Resources

Sustainable Development Goals Roadmap

Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Sustainable Development Goal

  • The Sustainable Development Goals and targets will stimulate action in the following critically important areas:
  • Poverty, Hunger, Education, Health and well-being, Gender equality, Water and Sanitation, Energy, Economic growth and decent work, infrastructure, Industry and innovation, Reducing inequalities, Sustainable cities, Consumption and production, Climate action, Ecosystems, Peace and Justice, and Partnership.
  • This comprehensive agenda recognises that it is no longer sufficient just to focus on economic growth alone, but on fairer and more equal societies, and a safer and more prosperous and liveable planet.
  • It recognises that the tasks of peace, justice, environmental protection, and industrial development are not disconnected from each other, but part of the same change.
  • It recognises, above all, that Urban, Rural, Regional or global interconnected challenges can only be fought with an inclusive and collective approach with interconnected solutions.
Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Sustainable Development Goals & Terran India Foundation